Rent a friend service from Dukes of Daisy

Do you need to make use of a unique companion service to cater for every occasion? Dukes of Daisy is a non-sexual escorting agencies which offers companionship only – so there are no awkward expectations or “extras” at the end of the evening. Their friendly rent a friend escorts are carefully selected to ensure they have the right social qualities to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Whether it’s to relax in the comfort of your home entertaining friends, going to the movies, a weekend away or a sporting event, your companion will accompany you making you feel relaxed and confident.

There are hundreds of men and ladies that you can choose from with varying attributes, friendly, outgoing, sporty, blondes and brunettes, tall, short etc. so you can select someone whom suits you. If you have ever felt afraid of hiring a male escort London, don’t be! Dukes of Daisy’s companions are carefully selected to ensure a fun and safe occasion is had by both parties.

If you are wanting to become a Duke or Daisy rent a friend contact Dukes of Daisy today!

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IBS also have a large stock of Gardner Denver blowers

IBS have dedicated experts working for them in vacuum technologies, applications and systems. They are offer world class services and products. They pride themselves in customer focus even offering customers a free Industrial Vacuum Loader health check, which ensures your vacuum loader, is always in good working order thus eliminating any unnecessary downtime with breakdowns or faulty equipment.

IBS also have a large stock of new and reconditioned vacuums that are ready to be dispatched immediately. Their top of the range Industrial Vacuum Equipment such as Busch Vacuum pumpbecker vacuum pumps and Gardner Denver blowers ensures you will always have the best the industry has to offer.

They have a reputation as leaders in cutting edge technology elmo rietschle vacuum pump, Gast vacuum pump and leybold vacuum pump which are known for their high performance, robust equipment, cost effective and versatility. So versatile they vacuum wet and dry spillage and dust right through.

Vacuum Pumps On Site Services Spares and Ancillaries

Hiring equipment from IBS is simple and affordable, they have liquid ring, rotary vane, side channel, claw and roots type vacuum pumps available to minimise our customers down time in the event of:

  • Emergency breakdown
  • Planned repair/maintenance
  • Short-term demand
  • Testing of new systems
  • Accidental damage
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Light up the dark with a home made solar cell

Energy Saving Solution

Make a solar cell in your kitchen

Saving energy is vitally important in these current times. One can explore energy saving systems, however these can be very expensive , we have decided to show you how to make your own solar cell, which is a device for converting energy from the sun into electricity. The high-efficiency solar cells you can buy at Radio Shack and other stores are made from highly processed silicon, and require huge factories, high temperatures, vacuum equipment, and lots of money.

If we are willing to sacrifice efficiency for the ability to make our own solar cells in the kitchen out of materials from the neighborhood hardware store, we can demonstrate a working solar cell in about an hour.

Our solar cell is made from cuprous oxide instead of silicon. Cuprous oxide is one of the first materials known to display the photoelectric effect, in which light causes electricity to flow in a material.

Thinking about how to explain the photoelectric effect is what led Albert Einstein to the Nobel prize for physics, and to the theory of relativity.

Materials you will need

The solar cell is made from these materials:

  1. A sheet of copper flashing from the hardware store. This normally costs about $5.00 per square foot. We will need about half a square foot.
  2. Two alligator clip leads.
  3. A sensitive micro-ammeter that can read currents between 10 and 50 microamperes. Radio Shack sells small LCD multimeters that will do, but I used a small surplus meter with a needle.
  4. An electric stove. My kitchen stove is gas, so I bought a small one-burner electric hotplate for about $25. The little 700 watt burners probably won’t work — mine is 1100 watts, so the burner gets red hot.
  5. A large clear plastic bottle off of which you can cut the top. I used a 2 liter spring water bottle. A large mouth glass jar will also work.
  6. Table salt. We will want a couple tablespoons of salt.
  7. Tap water.
  8. Sand paper or a wire brush on an electric drill.
  9. Sheet metal shears for cutting the copper sheet.

How to build the solar cell

My burner looks like this:

The first step is to cut a piece of the copper sheeting that is about the size of the burner on the stove. Wash your hands so they don’t have any grease or oil on them. Then wash the copper sheet with soap or cleanser to get any oil or grease off of it. Use the sandpaper or wire brush to thoroughly clean the copper sheeting, so that any sulphide or other light corrosion is removed.

Next, place the cleaned and dried copper sheet on the burner and turn the burner to its highest setting.

As the copper starts to heat up, you will see beautiful oxidation patterns begin to form. Oranges, purples, and reds will cover the copper.

As the copper gets hotter, the colors are replaced with a black coating ofcupric oxide. This is not the oxide we want, but it will flake off later, showing the reds, oranges, pinks, and purples of the cuprous oxide layer underneath.

The last bits of color disappear as the burner starts to glow red.

When the burner is glowing red-hot, the sheet of copper will be coated with a black cupric oxide coat. Let it cook for a half an hour, so the black coating will be thick. This is important, since a thick coating will flake off nicely, while a thin coat will stay stuck to the copper.

After the half hour of cooking, turn off the burner. Leave the hot copper on the burner to cool slowly. If you cool it too quickly, the black oxide will stay stuck to the copper.

As the copper cools, it shrinks. The black cupric oxide also shrinks. But they shrink at different rates, which makes the black cupric oxide flake off.

The little black flakes pop off the copper with enough force to make them fly a few inches. This means a little more cleaning effort around the stove, but it is fun to watch.

When the copper has cooled to room temperature (this takes about 20 minutes), most of the black oxide will be gone. A light scrubbing with your hands under running water will remove most of the small bits. Resist the temptation to remove all of the black spots by hard scrubbing or by flexing the soft copper. This might damage the delicate red cuprous oxide layer we need to make to solar cell work.

The rest of the assembly is very simple and quick.

Cut another sheet of copper about the same size as the first one. Bend both pieces gently, so they will fit into the plastic bottle or jar without touching one another. The cuprous oxide coating that was facing up on the burner is usually the best side to face outwards in the jar, because it has the smoothest, cleanest surface.

Attach the two alligator clip leads, one to the new copper plate, and one to the cuprous oxide coated plate. Connect the lead from the clean copper plate to the positive terminal of the meter. Connect the lead from the cuprous oxide plate to the negative terminal of the meter.

Now mix a couple tablespoons of salt into some hot tap water. Stir the saltwater until all the salt is dissolved. Then carefully pour the saltwater into the jar, being careful not to get the clip leads wet. The saltwater should not completely cover the plates — you should leave about an inch of plate above the water, so you can move the solar cell around without getting the clip leads wet.

The photo above shows the solar cell in my shadow as I took the picture. Notice that the meter is reading about 6 microamps of current.

The solar cell is a battery, even in the dark, and will usually show a few microamps of current.

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DIY Marquees have great ideas to share…

When hiring out marquees it is good practice to have some discrete marquee branding. Keep in mind that any branding shouldn’t be over the top or take up too much of the available face, you do not want your marquee to appear as a billboard. You want your marquee to remain looking clean and elegant whilst guests who wish to find out who supplied the marquee can find out if they want to by having a discrete vinyl marquee branding on one or two side panels or the trim of the roof.

Marquee lighting is not always required – any good quality white marquee will be light inside if it is light outside so for daytime functions lighting in marquees is not always necessary. For evening functions there is a variety of possible marquee lighting options but whatever option you choose -festoons, uplighters or chandeliers, ensure all lighting is dimmer-controlled to help the party atmosphere.

Marquee Flooring always adds to any marquee but be wary of any cheap breathable options. Professional marquee hire companies always put a non-breathable layer down before any type of marquee flooring, this prevents the grass giving off water vapour which then forms as condensation and can ruin a function. All of the marquee flooring packages we offer at DIY Marquees include this non-breathable layer as well as a choice of colour carpet to suit any occasion.

Party Tent
Roof and Sides
There are many different qualities of PE and PVC, we ensure we only use the highest quality materials 500d polyester 240gsm PE 500gsm PVC 500gsm PVC 650gsm PVC 650gsm PVC
There are many different qualities of PE and PVC, we ensure we only use the highest quality materials 500d polyester 240gsm PE 380gsm PVC 500gsm PVC 500gsm PVC 650gsm PVC
British Standards for flame retardancy are far higher than European or American standards x
Having multiple end panels makes the marquee more wind resistant One-panel One-panel One-panel Multi-panel Three-panel Three-panel
Zipped entrances make for convenient entrance and exit points
Rain skirts carry the rain further away from the marquee to avoid it coming back under the sides
All side panels have a wraparound velcro sealed cover to protect against drafts in the marquee
Heavy duty bungees
Heavy duty eyelets
Welded seams make for a 100% waterproof join x x
True Georgian windows with cut out curved tops Square Square True Georgian True Georgian True Georgian True Georgian
A re-enforced curved wave-drape edge to the roof Straight Straight Wave-drape Wave-drape Wave-drape Wave-drape
Frame material Aluminium Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel
Frame diameter 58mm hex 38mm 38mm 38mm 38mm 50mm
Galvanised finish x
Eave height is the height from the floor to the top of the leg. 2m 2m 2m 2m 2m 2.3m
Having vertical sides means it is easy to weather the marquee against other marquees or buildings. It also means you can make full use of the complete marquee footprint.
Groundbars add to the stability of any marquee (they essentially make the marquee a strong box) x Optional Optional
Horizontal and vertical roof braces add greatly to the strength of a marquee x ✔ (6m) ✔ (6m) ✔ (4&6m)
Intermediate purlins add greatly to the strength of a marquee x ✔ (6m) ✔ (6m) ✔ (4&6m)
At most two different length poles used throughout the marquee for ease of erection (excluding braces and connectors) x No
Gable uprights allow for individual 2m or 3m panels which are far more wind resistant than having one large panel across the end of the marquee. They also allow the window and wall panels to be interchangeable. x x x
The added height of a 2.3m eave means that every leg should have an additional brace to add strength to the frame x x x x x
Unbranded x x
2-season, 3-season or 4-season

season is spring & summer, 3-season is spring, summer & autumn. 4-season is year round though additional precautions are required for snow, unseasonal or severe weather

2 2 3 4 4 4
Suitable for marquee hire x x
Interchangeable side panels x x ✔(4&6m)
12 months manufacturers warranty
We manufacture high quality interior linings for all of our marquees
We supply guttering kits to make waterproof joins between marquees
Able to purchase extension bays in future
Spares available
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Arrange a fitting memorial with the help of Lodge Brothers

Lodge Brothers Funeral Directors Hounslow and other branches of Lodge Brothers have been exceptionally busy these past few weeks within the community; with Easter Services, St Georges Day and creating community awareness with Shooting Star Chase a leading children’s hospice, Lodge Brothers really care for their fellow members and friends alike. Read what they have been doing recently.

Shooting Star Chase is a leading children’s hospice charity based in Hampton, caring for babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and their families.

Whether lives are measured in days, weeks, months or years, Shooting Star are there to make every moment count.

Support Shooting Star Chase today by sending your recycled stamps to GS Keates. Caroline Edgington has been collecting used stamps for a while and was only too pleased to hear that the collection of stamps she has been storing could be put to good use for Shooting Star.

Caroline now offers the challenge to the residents of Hampton Hill to bring in their used stamps and support this great local charity.



St George, England’s Patron Saint, has not been forgotten in pictures, flags, information and red roses (a symbol of England) have been put together as a window display to commemorate St George’s Day (Thursday 23rd April).
The eye catching display in Funeral Directors Ruislip and  Funeral Directors Uxbridge window was eye catching ensuring that brave St George is not forgotten by the good people of our Nation.

A life remembered

On Friday 24th April the village of Bisley bid a traditional ‘farewell’ to one of its oldest residents, Mr Peter Fuller. Mr Fuller had lived for many years next to St John’s Church, Bisley. He died in Woking Hospice on 4th April aged 90 years. His beloved wife, Mollie, predeceased him in 2011.

Mr Fuller’s Funeral Service took place in St John’s Church, Bisley which was full to capacity with standing room only. A Royal British Legion Standard Bearer was also in attendance. The service was followed by a private cremation.

His coffin was borne from Lodge Brother Funeral Directors in Goldsworth Road, Woking to Bisley Church in a Horse Drawn Hearse following a route planned by Mr Fuller’s son, Richard. Click here Funeral Directors Chertsey for more information

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Architecture is one of humanity’s most visible & long-lasting forms of expression

Most historic civilizations are identified by their surviving architectural relics, like the Pyramids of Gyza or the Taj Mahal. The history of the discipline spans as long as humanity – from Classical to Rocco to Art Nouveau.

There is much emphasis on choosing the right architects, the best in the business as they have the very power to change the world leaving behind them a legacy. DBLO architects Knightsbridge aim to achieve just that, they are a powerful team of individuals passionate about creating and enhancing value through design. Their combined knowledge and passion makes these individuals a valuable asset to any project they are working on.

DBLO residential architects London have been involved in the Grand Designs London show in May, where they advised on both residential and commercial projects. Dblo Associate Architects cover areas throughout London including architects London Bridge

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Speak to the experts in marquee hire!

Portman Square Garden Party

Marquee Hire are the answer if you have ever dreamt of having a white wedding but not sure how to go about it or where to start?Marquee Hire Surrey are the people to speak to, not only do they have the UK largest Marquees for hire they have a team of consultants who have many years in the field of party planning and will ensure you have the wedding of your dreams within the confines of any budget they will ensure the occasion is special and one to cherish forever.

Perhaps you would like a more intimate wedding and a unique range of décor? Marquee Hire have literally hundreds of different designs, dance floors, décor and will ensure that your wishes are granted. Perhaps you are wondering how much is marquee hire? Click here marquee hire prices and you will be directed to an online calculator, within a few seconds you will have pricing to hand or speak to them today about one of the many options available, their competitive prices and excellent service delivery.

Feel confident with a team who are accredited members of MUTA Accreditation.

MF & TRAFALGAR MARQUEES AWARDED MUTA ACCREDITATIONLogo showing JF & Trafalgar Marquees MUTA accreditation

Whilst this is slightly old news, we thought we should update our lovely new website with some significant happenings earlier in the year.

Back in February, JF & Trafalgar Marquees were accepted to become an accredited member of our renowned industry body (MUTA). We were delighted at the news, and the move reaffirms our dedication to delivering marquee hire with, not only fantastic service but also with a proven health and safety track record.

Our Operations Director, Stephen Shiner comments that being part of MUTA “will not only build upon our commitment to fantastic client service, but also takes note of our already comprehensive Health and Safety measures”. Moving forward, this will allow our team access to the very latest industry insights and training, which will be evident in our enhanced offerings to our every growing client base.

It won’t be all tea and cakes, as being a member of MUTA is an on-going process to ensure our compliance with industry standards. A MUTA inspector will not only inspect our warehouse and offices but also inspect our sites, when we install a marquee in Surrey, Sussex or London and ensure that all at JF & Trafalgar Marquees are adhering to Health and Safety guidelines and along with other accreditation criteria.

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For high quality, responsive & cost effective IT solutions speak to Knowall IT

Whether its hosting applications in the Cloud, pay as you go IT support, web hosting and application or unified communications Knowall IT offer them all. With Knowall IT’s innovative approach to small and medium enterprises you can be rest assured the quality of service is by far best in the industry.

Our organisation recently needed to get up to date with technology as our competitors were streaks ahead, so in order to be in the running we decided to get assistance from Knowall It.

Their flexibility, after hour support, pricing and approach had us convinced we went ahead with their advice and decided to get on the cloud. The Benefits of Hosting Applications in the Cloud have been incredible, making a vast difference in our organisation.

Key Advantages include:

  • Easy Deployment – get up and running quickly with minimal set up and low up-front investment, no need to set up server or employ local IT staff.
  • High Performance – the solution runs only on high performance Enterprise server technology with a deep pool of resources to ensure fast access to the software.
  • Anytime Anywhere Access – flexible access on any device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone) from any location at any time.
  • Eliminate Hardware Costs – no need to invest in servers and third party licensing.
  • Save on IT Resources – no need to invest in and manage local IT staff as everything is managed by us at the data centre.
  • Simple to scale – simple to grow solution without worrying about server capacity and software licensing.
  • Automatic Backups – all data securely backed up at the data centre daily and replicated to a second data centre for added resilience.
  • Enhanced Security – centralised secure data storage in ISO27001 certified data centre.
  • Always Available – built in redundancy to ensure the applications are available 100% of the time.
  • 24 x 7 Support – fully managed by UK based help desk, available 24 x7.
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Rent a date with Dukes of Daisy

escorts london

Meet Laura a 29 year old blonde who is available for a wide range of assignments including business and family functions. She describes herself as attentive, confident with many interests including travel and languages. She enjoys going to the theatre, restaurant dining, ice skating and pistol shooting.

Male Escorts in Brighton

Meet Chris a 32 year old gentle-man who knows how to be the perfect date whether its good company to have at important business meetings or a casual meal out. He is professional, dresses well and will treat his date like a perfect gentle-man. Chris makes the perfect date for hire as he’s confident and knows what a first impression makes.

With Dukes of Daisy you can be rest assured to find someone to suit your needs as they have hundreds of male and female rent a friend companions for hire.

So go ahead and find a suitable companion from one of the UK’s finest agency renowned for their professionalism and excellent service they offer. They have a strict screening process to ensure that they maintain their high standards ensuring both the client and companion feel confident and safe at all times.

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Heal your mind, body and soul with Mal from Tantric Journey

What is Tantric Journey?

Tantra and Tao are an ancient eastern science, which included sexuality and spirituality as a doorway to ecstasy, creation, healing, good health and enlightenment. Tantra was born in India around 5th Century AD.

Tao is the Chinese version of Tantra which dates back many 1,000’s of years based on similar principles

Tantric Journey is an awakening and healing process based on this ancient science to help:

  • Release both emotional and physical toxins from body
  • Enhance love, intimacy and sexuality
  • Improve relationships
  • Heal your body, mind and spirit

What is sex therapy?

Sex Therapy is a vast subject where issues can be prevalent to an individual or to a couple. Some individuals might require sex therapy in order to be able to find partners as their issues have stopped them before.  Resorting to therapy is not an easy walk down the supermarket aisle, it takes a lot of courage to seek sex therapy London and help as sexual problems can be emotionally painful. Sometimes its required as the individual is embarrassed and reluctant to share their issues with their partners which hinder the progress of the relationship. The most advisable would be sex therapy for a couple as a whole where trust and intimacy can be built.

Through the help of a sex therapist the couple creates intimacy, love, trust and excitement within a relationship leading to fidelity, happy marriages and two way relationships. Also therapy creates confidence and self-esteem for individuals. Tantric Journey offers sex therapy in London via clothes on bodywork or a full body oil massage which can be viewed as an alternative medicine that employs the fundamental basis of Cellular Memory and Molecules of Emotions that is a current age well researched and studied subject. Tantric Journey’s sex therapist London has helped many sexual troubled individuals resolve their problems and many couples sustain happy fulfilling intimate relationships.  Tantric Journey’s sex therapy in London eliminates the problem by eliminating the biological makeup of the issue which proves to be the most effective method.

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