Get this superb piece of art from The Travelling Souk

This beautiful piece of artwork is both magnificent and something majestic about a stag.

The artist has captured its beauty to stunning results in this piece called The Highlands Canvas Art.  The background features a subtle grey watermark creation making it an easy piece to work into various interior styles.

The Highlands, Canvas Art

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The Travelling Souk have unique gifts for everyone

PLOOMS Green fountain pen

Men are often difficult to buy a present for, are you at a loss what to buy your man for his birthday? PLOOMS has just the thing a stunning excellent quality PLOOMS green fountain pen that looks sophisticated and practical. PLOOMS we believe some words need to be written in ink.

Available in 5 different colours you can even purchase a his and hers pen, with the standard cartridge refills are easy to find.

Each PLOOM is supplied in a pretty presentation box with a hand-made felt cover and two black ink cartridges. PLOOMS are made from brass, lacquer and chrome. The nib is made of steel. The cover is made from 100% wool.

PLOOMS LTD is a vendor on The Travelling Souk which prides its self on selecting gift ideas.

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The Travelling Souk have hundreds of novel products available

Stand out and stay connected with this fabulous 4 man solar powered tent, by Bang Bang Tents. Each flysheet is made from the highest grade rip stop 5000HH grade waterproof polyester with PU coating, accompanied by a breathable polyester inner and double seamed 10000HH base. They measure 240cm W x 240cm L x 150cm H. Each tent weighs 5kg and pack up into a handy printed carry bag, 60cm L x 20cm H x 20cm W. Each tent also comes with a 5w solar panel and lithium storage bank allowing you to charge mobile phones, cameras, tablets, speakers, led lighting and many other low voltage devices.

Camping has never been more fun now with this eye popping solar powered tent you will be the envy of all your family and friends. Camp in style, charge your phone and stay connected with this super solar powered tents so you’ll never miss an Instagram moment.

Enjoy every moment of your holiday in comfort of your ‘ tent home’ without the fear of being out of touch thanks to The Travelling Souk where you will find many more innovative gift ideas.

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Frame It! with this gorgeous set of slot sided picture frames

Image 5

Frame it! Frame pictures of the children, artwork they have made at school, pretty picturea and more with this award winning range of slot sided picture frames especially for the display of 2D and 3D children’s artwork. It takes the children’s pictures off the fridge door and places them in their rightful place in a frame on the wall in an instant. The children gain a sense of achievement when they see their artwork properly showcased, which is good for their development. These make a great gift for any family member.

The children will be so proud to see their special artwork on the wall and off the fridge.

Dimensions:  280 x 380 x 40mm, Weight: 1.1kg

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Parisian Design Quilted Pillowsham

Parisian Design Quilted Pillowsham

Every bedroom needs this beautiful stylish bold Parisian Design Quilted Pillowsham by The Country Cottage Shop with road maps and the Eiffel Tower and a blue and white pattern on the other side. The detail is fabulous with stitching that looks like a small jigsaw puzzle. Quality 200 thread count percale cotton.  Machine washable at 30 degrees. Gentle rumble dry, Warm iron only.

Supplier:Paoletti Bedding

Colour:Multi, Blue & Pink

Size:Height 50cm Width 75cm

Material:Filling 100% Cotton Outer Shell:100% Cotton

Weight:275 Grams

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Organise a special party that won’t cost an “arm and a leg”

Party Themes

Party Themes

Having a kids party and not sure where to begin? I found some exciting kids party ideas for kids of all ages. I was searching for some old favourites that are inexpensive but great fun for children to enjoy. Kids love to dance and make a noise, nothing better than putting some music on and play. Don’t forget some nice simple touches can make the food table look beautiful like deliciously decorated flower cupcakes.

Musical bumps

Get the children to dance to the music. When the music stops, all the children have to sit down as quickly as possible. The last one to sit is out. The last child left dancing is the winner. With young children you can turn this around and simply try and spot the one to sit down first each time.

Musical statues

The children dance around to music. When the music stops they have to stand absolutely still, like a statue. If anyone moves, they are out. You can vary this game by getting the children to dance like individual animals (you pick the animal first, then the children take it in turns to pick one – you can also make it even more varied by giving them an adjective – like posh horse, mad monkey, sneaky cat). When they make a statue, it has to look like a pose of that particular animal.

Musical chairs

Put out one less chairs than there are children (or cushions, if they’re very young). The children have to dance around the chairs and when the music stops, sit on a chair immediately. The last one left without a chair has to sit out. The last child left in is the winner. Again, you don’t necessarily have to chuck a child out each time; you can just simply play a few rounds and leave it at that.

Dressing up dancing

Choose 5 types of clothing or prop, and make sure there’s enough for each child to have one: a hat, a badge, a top, a skirt, etc. Then the children dance around. When the music stops, you call out ‘scarf!’ and they all have to grab one, put it on, then dance with it till the music stops and then they go for the next item. And so on until they’re all dressed.

Old favourites

Pass the parcel party game

Make a parcel by wrapping up a prize in several layers of paper (one for each child, plus an extra one). Sit the children in a circle, give one of them the parcel and when the music starts, get them to hand it to the next child, who hands it on, and on. When the music stops, the child who is holding the parcel opens the first layer. Then when the music starts again, they hand it on to the next child, and so on. Wrap the final present in something obvious so that you know which the final round is. You can put a sweet or a little something in each layer of wrapping. Then the last one with the prize in can be well and truly random.

Follow my leader

Get the children to follow a leader (maybe start with an adult to get the ball rolling). The children have to follow whatever the leader does as they move around. Suggestions: hopping, hands on head, jumping, running, skipping, silly walks, turning round, waving arms, being an animal, being a posh person, etc.

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Knowall IT partners to your organisation, tailoring each cloud solution


Knowall Managed IT believes in supporting Charities and non-profit organisations with their expert advice, services and solutions. They have been generous in the 10 years serving the community with their experience implementing, maintaining and supporting affordable IT solutions for Charities and non-profit organisations.

Their team of reliable, friendly and knowledgeable engineers is what sets this Private enterprise cloud London solutions and services apart from their competitors.

“I wanted to feed back that a key reason we continue to use Knowall  for IT support is how helpful, friendly and approachable Jonathan is on site visits and in other matters.” Mark – Director – Northamptonshire Carers

Knowall IT offer enterprise solutions at affordable rates to charities and non-profit organisation through our discount charity pricing scheme – typically a 20% saving.

Get your business on the cloud today with Knowall IT Private enterprise cloud London for small businesses. Their solutions enable businesses to host their entire IT infrastructure in the cloud, including line of business applications such as MS Office, SQL Databases, Sage, Access accounts etc. – enabling a truly flexible, agile, resilient IT platform that is cost efficient and requires minimal IT management resource. Private enterprise cloud London for SMEs is definitely the way to go simply by realising the benefits of being on the cloud.

Chat to Knowall IT today for their expert advice.

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IBS offer comprehensive solutions for portable vacumm loader hire

IBS offer a wide range of industrial vacuum equipment.  Such as this:  FVP 25 Portable Heavy Duty High Performance Industrial Vacuum Loader. This incredible piece of equipment is able to collect a range of materials including fine particles through to aggregates up to 50 mm in size, the unit has a maximum loading rate of 3 tons per hour over 40 meters or further if utilised with a vacuum interceptor skip and fixed pipework system.

Road Tanker Equipment Portable Vacuum Units

IBS offer a no obligation site survey; allow them to assist you by offering units for trial purposes. This is a great service and offer by IBS. They supply units on short or long term hire, contract hire or lease. From Busch Vacuum Pumps to Fruitland RCF 1200 Vacuum Pump and fruitland vacuum pump they have many products to choose from.

FVP 25 Portable Heavy Duty High Performance Industrial vacuum pumps.

Able to collect a range of materials including fine particles through to aggregates up to 50 mm in size, the unit has a maximum loading rate of 3 tons per hour over 40 meters or further if utilised with a vacuum interceptor skip and fixed pipework system.

The FVP 25 has been designed for :

High performance

Excellent conveying rates

Utilises an energy saving electric motor on soft start (running on a 32A power

supply) and a high quality tri-lobe positive displacement vacuum pump

Quiet operation

Excellent filtration

Build quality and reliability

Very robust – exceeds that of our competitors whilst remaining very cost effective

Low running and maintenance costs


Unlike our competitors machines the FVP25 is suitable for wet and dry materials and sludges

Super flexible hose and a selection of vacuum tools are available


The FVP25 can be used to power a centralised vacuum system

to feed material back into the process or for bagging purposes.


The unit has 1 cubic meter integral tipping skip


The FVP25 can be supplied with an additional 1 cubic meter fork lift

intercept sealed skip, bottom dump intercept hopper or filter hopper.

Larger skips are also available

Click here for more on IBS services and products Pneumatic conveying

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Customer satisfaction is the no 1 priority for dblo Associates

dblo associates architects Kensington are London based architects with a team on highly trained professionals. dblo associates are currently working on many commercial and residential projects enhancing the working and living environment of individuals.

dblo are innovative and work on projects from small extensions to large property developments.

Architecture is one of humanity’s most visible and long-lasting forms of expression. Most historic civilizations are identified by their surviving architectural relics, like the Pyramids of Gyza, the Golden Pavilion in Japan, or the Taj Mahal. The history of the discipline spans as long as humanity – from Classical to Rocco to Art Nouveau.

No wonder there is much emphasis on choosing architects, the best in the business as they have the very power to change the world. What sets dblo Associates Architects Clapham apart from the rest? These are a powerful team of individuals passionate about creating and enhancing value through design. The combined knowledge and passion these individuals have makes them a valuable asset to any project they are working on.

dblo associates Architects Notting Hill work covers architecture, interior design and development. Working as a studio, allows flexibility to expand and contract to suit workloads and to draw on the wider expertise of our associate studios across London.

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Appartements à louer à proximité de Buckingham Palace

St James Park

Nommé d’après une léproserie dédiée à Saint Jacques le Mineur qui a été dissoute en 1532 , la propriété d’un marais appelé Eton College a été commandé par Henry VIII et converti à St James Park et du palais . Après la période anglaise du Commonwealth et d’après Charles J’ai passé sa dernière nuit blanche à St James Palace avant son exécution à laquelle plus tard, son fils Charles I rénové le palais avec son parc . St James Park est de 23 hectares ( 57 acres) et un des plus anciens parcs royaux de Londres. A l’ouest du palais est le Palais de Buckingham , St James Palace et The Mall au nord , Birdcage Walk aux gardes à l’est et à l’est de chevaux .

Londres est orné de nombreux parcs pour les promenades , de divertissement et d’amusement. Parmi les autres parcs dans le même voisinage , locations vacances londres est favorable à ses vues splendides sur le Palais de Buckingham et d’autres zones du parc . Appartements à louer à proximité de British Museum recommande d’autres parcs qui peuvent vous donner une expérience agréable similaires sont Hyde Park , le parc de Battersea un ancien parc désormais célèbre pour ses cultures et Holland Park duel. Londres est emballé avec des marques et des récits historiques intéressants , donc tout en naviguant à travers nos cinq étoiles hébergement indépendant , Appartements à louer à proximité de Buckingham Palace vous propose de visiter le site location de vacances à londres pour obtenir plus d’informations sur les autres parcs pour un bon mélange et match du tourisme.

Il est beaucoup de points de vue à couper le souffle à prendre à St James Park . Le parc dispose d’un petit lac appelé St James Park Lake qui a deux îles à savoir , West Island et l’île Duck . Duck Island reçoit les noms de la grande collection des oiseaux aquatiques . Le premier cadeau d’oiseaux au St James Park était une colonie de pélicans par l’ambassadeur de Russie en 1664 – la célèbre colonie existe toujours. St James Park Lake a un pont Blue qui présente une vue spectaculaire à l’ouest du palais de Buckingham encadrée par des arbres . La vue est du pont Blue regarde la fontaine Swire nord de l’île Duck, passé le lac et sur ​​les motifs connus comme Horse Guards Parade avec la Horse Guards Building et l’ ancien bureau de la guerre , tandis que la Cour Whitehall est à l’arrière . Le sud de l’ île Duck est la fontaine Tiffany situé au sommet de la Roche de pélican et quand le lac est passé de la célèbre London Eye et le tesson . Appartements à louer à proximité de London Eye suggère de visiter le London Eye de découvrir des vues spectaculaires de Londres à de grandes hauteurs . St James Park est à proximité d’une chaîne de parcs ; Green Park , Hyde Park et de Kensington Gardens .

Henry VIII a acheté le terrain d’abord Eton College pour le cardinal Wolsey avec des intentions de transformer Whitehall appelés alors que York Palace en habitation de l’extravagance pour le roi . A l’avènement de Jacques Ier sur le trône le parc a été condamnée à être drainé et rempli d’animaux exotiques, y compris des chameaux , des éléphants et des crocodiles . Le parc a été ouvert au public , lorsque le prince Charles II revint en France après son exil . Le parc a une allure officielle et le français comme il a été repris par les vastes jardins à la française lors de son exil en France , il a été spéculé que le parc a été conçu par André Mollet . Charles II a ajouté une fonctionnalité en ajoutant supplémentaires de 38 mètres pour divertir les invités et les maîtresses , ce a provoqué beaucoup de mal à le parc comme le poète , John Wilmot , 2ème comte de Rochester a écrit dans son poème , une randonnée à St James Park . Célèbres attractions touristiques de Londres tout autant trouver son chemin dans des films, des livres et des poèmes , St James Park a joué son rôle . Pour étancher votre soif de littérature , visitez notre site Locations de vacances Londres à jeter un oeil à d’autres attractions touristiques similaires . Locations de vacances Londres suggère de visiter Hyde Park , Kew Gardens , Battersea Park et Tower Bridge qui sont entrés dans le feu des projecteurs.

Appartements à louer à proximité de British Museum est à proximité de nombreuses stations de métro , les plus proches du parc sont St James Park , Victoria et Westminster . Qu’il s’agisse d’un voyage de transit , affaires ou en famille qui vous amène à Londres , nos Appartements à louer à proximité de Buckingham Palace est équipé pour répondre à tout type de Voyage . Notre Locations de vacances Londres studios de vacances sont à proximité de stations de métro et possède les spécifications des équipements pour vous aider à s’installer et se détendre – d’abord et avant tout notre Locations de vacances Londres hébergement indépendant est cinq matériau étoiles .

Connectez-vous à notre site locations vacances londres centre pour vous un hébergement en gîte réserver en ligne via un système de réservation simple et sans danger . Envoyer nos Appartements à louer à proximité de Tower Bridge à Londres personnel sur toute question ou appelez notre 24 heures Locations de vacances Londres hotline pour recevoir les détails rapides.

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