Read about RUMM and how they have helped many companies

With a worldwide awareness on Saving Energy, I decided to examine some of the Industry Leaders Case Studies in Energy Management and found that RUMM came up trumps in Energy savings for their clients.

Some examples:

Aviation Company had a £1.2m energy bill prior to RUMM intervention with a massive saving of £500,000 to date. Facts: 2,685 teCO2 saved, 32 electricity meters installed and a year on year increase in total energy site reduction from 5% in 2006 to 21% in 2009.

The Prince Charles Hospital had an amazing 12% electricity savings in just 8 weeks with an evaluated annual savings of £70k.

RPC Containers in Year 1 saved a £120k and specific energy consumption reduced by 14%.

The results speak for themselves about RUMM being the market Leaders in Energy Management Solutions, Energy management UK and Energy management Wales.

Well done to the Companies taking responsibility to reduce energy consumption.

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