Swyx Telephony and support from Knowall IT

Who drives the cloud better than a team of committed and highly qualified individuals with knowledge and experience in the most advanced technology such as IaaS London Infrastructure as a Service.

Hosting applications in the Cloud provides customers with an alternative deployment solution to the in-house model. Hosting is designed through a consultative approach to ensure your data and applications are delivered quickly, securely and simply to your user’s world-wide. Hosting applications on Knowall’s UK Enterprise Cloud Platform, ensures your data and applications are available 24×7 to your users, no matter on location or device.

This enables users to access software on devices such as Macs or iPads that they wouldn’t usually be able to access, resulting in a more versatile and flexible work force.

Software such as Sage runs seamlessly on the Mac OS – there is no requirement to run your mac in Boot Camp or install a Windows OS. This is achieved by connecting to your applications remotely via the Microsoft RD Client. You will see all your usual applications and data as you would in the office.

Knowall IT are providers of Private enterprise cloud London for SMEs offering computer support in Hammersmith and surrounding areas.

What else does Knowall IT offer?

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Knowall IT has been providing Swyx Telephony and Swyx support since 2003. Knowall IT has become experts in Swyx offering Swyx Support contracts very similar to our other IT Support contracts.

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