Heal your mind, body and soul with Mal from Tantric Journey

What is Tantric Journey?

Tantra and Tao are an ancient eastern science, which included sexuality and spirituality as a doorway to ecstasy, creation, healing, good health and enlightenment. Tantra was born in India around 5th Century AD.

Tao is the Chinese version of Tantra which dates back many 1,000’s of years based on similar principles

Tantric Journey is an awakening and healing process based on this ancient science to help:

  • Release both emotional and physical toxins from body
  • Enhance love, intimacy and sexuality
  • Improve relationships
  • Heal your body, mind and spirit

What is sex therapy?

Sex Therapy is a vast subject where issues can be prevalent to an individual or to a couple. Some individuals might require sex therapy in order to be able to find partners as their issues have stopped them before.  Resorting to therapy is not an easy walk down the supermarket aisle, it takes a lot of courage to seek sex therapy London and help as sexual problems can be emotionally painful. Sometimes its required as the individual is embarrassed and reluctant to share their issues with their partners which hinder the progress of the relationship. The most advisable would be sex therapy for a couple as a whole where trust and intimacy can be built.

Through the help of a sex therapist the couple creates intimacy, love, trust and excitement within a relationship leading to fidelity, happy marriages and two way relationships. Also therapy creates confidence and self-esteem for individuals. Tantric Journey offers sex therapy in London via clothes on bodywork or a full body oil massage which can be viewed as an alternative medicine that employs the fundamental basis of Cellular Memory and Molecules of Emotions that is a current age well researched and studied subject. Tantric Journey’s sex therapist London has helped many sexual troubled individuals resolve their problems and many couples sustain happy fulfilling intimate relationships.  Tantric Journey’s sex therapy in London eliminates the problem by eliminating the biological makeup of the issue which proves to be the most effective method.

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