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When hiring out marquees it is good practice to have some discrete marquee branding. Keep in mind that any branding shouldn’t be over the top or take up too much of the available face, you do not want your marquee to appear as a billboard. You want your marquee to remain looking clean and elegant whilst guests who wish to find out who supplied the marquee can find out if they want to by having a discrete vinyl marquee branding on one or two side panels or the trim of the roof.

Marquee lighting is not always required – any good quality white marquee will be light inside if it is light outside so for daytime functions lighting in marquees is not always necessary. For evening functions there is a variety of possible marquee lighting options but whatever option you choose -festoons, uplighters or chandeliers, ensure all lighting is dimmer-controlled to help the party atmosphere.

Marquee Flooring always adds to any marquee but be wary of any cheap breathable options. Professional marquee hire companies always put a non-breathable layer down before any type of marquee flooring, this prevents the grass giving off water vapour which then forms as condensation and can ruin a function. All of the marquee flooring packages we offer at DIY Marquees include this non-breathable layer as well as a choice of colour carpet to suit any occasion.

Party Tent
Roof and Sides
There are many different qualities of PE and PVC, we ensure we only use the highest quality materials 500d polyester 240gsm PE 500gsm PVC 500gsm PVC 650gsm PVC 650gsm PVC
There are many different qualities of PE and PVC, we ensure we only use the highest quality materials 500d polyester 240gsm PE 380gsm PVC 500gsm PVC 500gsm PVC 650gsm PVC
British Standards for flame retardancy are far higher than European or American standards x
Having multiple end panels makes the marquee more wind resistant One-panel One-panel One-panel Multi-panel Three-panel Three-panel
Zipped entrances make for convenient entrance and exit points
Rain skirts carry the rain further away from the marquee to avoid it coming back under the sides
All side panels have a wraparound velcro sealed cover to protect against drafts in the marquee
Heavy duty bungees
Heavy duty eyelets
Welded seams make for a 100% waterproof join x x
True Georgian windows with cut out curved tops Square Square True Georgian True Georgian True Georgian True Georgian
A re-enforced curved wave-drape edge to the roof Straight Straight Wave-drape Wave-drape Wave-drape Wave-drape
Frame material Aluminium Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel
Frame diameter 58mm hex 38mm 38mm 38mm 38mm 50mm
Galvanised finish x
Eave height is the height from the floor to the top of the leg. 2m 2m 2m 2m 2m 2.3m
Having vertical sides means it is easy to weather the marquee against other marquees or buildings. It also means you can make full use of the complete marquee footprint.
Groundbars add to the stability of any marquee (they essentially make the marquee a strong box) x Optional Optional
Horizontal and vertical roof braces add greatly to the strength of a marquee x ✔ (6m) ✔ (6m) ✔ (4&6m)
Intermediate purlins add greatly to the strength of a marquee x ✔ (6m) ✔ (6m) ✔ (4&6m)
At most two different length poles used throughout the marquee for ease of erection (excluding braces and connectors) x No
Gable uprights allow for individual 2m or 3m panels which are far more wind resistant than having one large panel across the end of the marquee. They also allow the window and wall panels to be interchangeable. x x x
The added height of a 2.3m eave means that every leg should have an additional brace to add strength to the frame x x x x x
Unbranded x x
2-season, 3-season or 4-season

season is spring & summer, 3-season is spring, summer & autumn. 4-season is year round though additional precautions are required for snow, unseasonal or severe weather

2 2 3 4 4 4
Suitable for marquee hire x x
Interchangeable side panels x x ✔(4&6m)
12 months manufacturers warranty
We manufacture high quality interior linings for all of our marquees
We supply guttering kits to make waterproof joins between marquees
Able to purchase extension bays in future
Spares available
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